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Our Counselling Services


Our Vision 

At Van Ryan Therapies we believe in effective, affordable counselling that is tailored to assist our clients with their presenting    circumstances. We specialise in generalised counselling offering you a compassionate, person centred approach working to strict ethical and confidential guidelines. We work with you to help you understand your current life situation and develop strategies to move towards the life you want.

What we can help you with:



Anger Management

Relationship concerns

Marriage Counselling 

Parental Tools 

Adolescent Counselling

Adult Counselling

LBTGQI Counselling

Grief and Loss 

Trauma Counselling

Stress Management

  • Please be advised that at the present time Van Ryan Therapies and our team of counsellors do not currently work with children under the age of 13 years
  • Van Ryan Therapies is committed to providing the very best mental health care and therefore  from time to time due to strict ethical guidelines, if a presenting case is deemed to be outside of our area of expertise, we will seek to refer the client to a more appropriate mental health provider. This will of course be discussed with clients before any such referral is made. We seek to protect and work within the client's best interests at all times. Details of the PACFA and ACA ethical guidelines can be found below. 
  • Often mental health results are best achieved with a team of people. At times we may recommend that clients also consult their GP or a Clinical Psychologist in cooperation with counselling services provided by Van Ryan Therapies. 

Any questions can of course be directed to our team who will endeavour to respond to your query by the end of the next business day.

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